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By applying to our wholesale department, you agree to the following terms:

1- You are the owner or legal representative of a lawful business entity with all required documents to do business in your state.

2-You are solely responsible for collecting applicable sales taxes for your state.

3- Whenever applicable, you can not resell items outside the United States or in countries not allowed.

4- You are in good faith and will keep your account in good standing.

5- You agree that there may be a delay in fulfilling pre-orders or exchanges whenever applicable.

6- You agree to fulfill all shipping requirements and whenever applicable, you agree to make ship[ping arrangements to pick up your purchased item from our offices no later than 7 business days of cleared payment before storage fees of $10/day is assessed.

7- Unless specified, you agree that all items sold come with a 30-day warranty on functionality and for orders "sold as is", there is zero days warranty and no refund or exchange will be issued for such items.

8- In the event of a dispute, you agree to give us a fair chance to address such disagreement.

9- We may review your account activity and cancel your right to access this website without further notice.

10- Monthly Minimum spend may be required to keep your account in good standing.

11- Whenever applicable, bulk lots may have a few missing items resulting from human error which we will gladly address.  

12- It's your responsibility to add insurance to shipping you arrange as a buyer for lots and parcels. Once shipped, you agree that we ar not to be held liable.