Shipping Policy


We are developing a comprehensive shipping policy to better cater to our customer shipping needs based on speed and cost.

Please read this policy and see how it will affect you and your transactions with us.

it’s your responsibility as a customer to be informed of such policies. We will promptly notify you whenever this policy changes.

  1. Shipping Policy Governing Our Shop Section
  2. Shipping Policy for Items Related to ScreenFix Tech (Repair Section)
  3. Other Promotional Shipping Policies

I- Shipping for Items In Our Shop

We provide Free Fast Shipping on many items through USPS, FedEx, DHL and other means that we deem economical or practical at the time of use.

For some items where Free Shipping is not applicable, we provide shipping for a fee that includes the cost of shipping and handling plus any other applicable fees.

Furthermore, we may provide shipping at a flat rate or at discounted rates and reserve the right to offer discounts on shipping through promotional offers.

Shipping discounts can only be applied at checkout with a coupon code or be calculated by our system at checkout. Shipping coupons will automatically expire on their expiration date.