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Cookies and User Data

When you use this site, we collect information about your use of any portion of the site including pages you visit, the duration of your visit, your geographical location and we, including third parties we use to maintain the site, place cookies on your device to collect data and enable a better experience for your next visit.

By definition, cookies are small bits of data that are saved on your device containing information such as your device ID, type and Mac Address…We also use third party software to provide some of the services and those third party software owners may have access to your device basic information to provide such services.

For example, we use PayPal to accept payments which requires your financial information to be processed through PayPal and not by us, thus giving PayPal consent to access your information.

User Data refers to any useful information we need to promptly identify you as well as provide the requested service. Such data may include details such as your name, mailing address, your age, as well as phone number and email address, and may also include information about the specific product you buy.

In cases where we use third parties software to provide such service, the third party service may also have access to your user data to customize and deliver such services.

Cookies Erasure Notice

As part of using cookies, we set up our cookies to expire 30 days after your last visit, In some cases, there may be a slight delay of cookies erasure. You can also remove cookies from your desktop by opening your browser settings or doing a disk cleanup.


Your account expires 12 months after your last login. at which point, we may alert you by using information previously obtained.

We Do Not Sell Your Data

We have a strong policy not to to ever sell your data. We still reserve the right to cooperate with law enforcement pertaining to investigation.

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