Why trade with us?

Trading with us is a smart and economical way for your used device to get you quick cash or help you get your next device at a fraction of the cost.

Our customers are always looking for devices we may not have in stock and your used device may just be what they are looking for.

How does it work?

We will determine the value of your used, new or refurbished device after we thoroughly inspect it, then make you an offer based on overall appearance, working condition and fair market trade-in value.

If you accept our final offer, you will be presented with two options:

  • Receive store credit or gift card for your device (higher value);


  • Receive the value for your device in Cash, PayPal or Check (lower value).

What to do with your store credit?

The store credit amount you receive can be used towards any of the products or services we offer including shopping for a new device, activating a new line or applying the credit towards repairing or unlocking another device.

*The store credit is valid for 1 year and can be redeemed at your convenience through this website or in-store during business hours.

How long before you can retract the offer?

We understand the emotional attachment you may have with your traded-in device and may keep it for up to 1 business day to give you a chance to retract the trade.

Whenever applicable, you will be charged a 20% processing fee ($25 minimum) in addition to any shipping fees.

Can you ship your item to us?

We encourage you to ship your item to us provided that you contact us first for special instructions.

Rest assured that we will use the same honest inspection procedure and make you a fair offer based on your device condition and trade-in market value.

How can you get the most value for your device?

To qualify for your device maximum payout, please ascertain:

  2. The device powers on
  3. To include all useful accessories (EVEN OLD BOX)
  4. To Reset and remove all information from the device including pass-codes and/or passwords, email accounts or any other security feature and data that may interfere with our inspection
  5. If possible, that your device is carrier-unlocked and reset to factory default

What devices are we looking for?

For the most part, we are always looking for trendy items in working condition such as:

  • Apple devices (iPhone, iWatch,  iPad, Mac Book)
  • Samsung devices (Galaxy Series Phones, Tablets,  Routers, Smart plugs, earphones)
  • LG devices
  • Google devices
  • Lenovo devices
  • Microsoft Surface Pro tablets

List of currently wanted for quick cash: 

*Kindly TAKE NOTE that this list is not exhaustive and is subject to change without further notice.

  • Apple

iPhone: 5S | SE | 6 | 6S | 6 Plus | 6S Plus | 7 | 7Plus | 8 | 8Plus | X | XS | XS MAX | XR

  • Samsung

Galaxy: S5 | S6 | S6 Edge | S6 Edge+ | S7 | S7 Edge | S8 | S8+ | S9 | S9+| Note 3 | Note 4 | Note 5 | Note 8 | Note 9

  • LG

G4 | G5 | G6 | V10 | V20 | V30

  • Google

Pixel | Pixel XL | Pixel 2 | Pixel 2 XL

 Please keep in mind that we have to resell for profit after labor & parts.

We pay fair trade-in market value which is much lower than retail value.