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Bring Your Own Device. Free Sim Card. Instant eSIM Activation. Cheaper Phone Plans. No Credit Check.  No Credit Card Required. No Hidden Fees.

Activate Tracfone Today

Pay-As-You-Go Plans for any budget

Activate Tracfone Today

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Save with H20 Unlimited Plan

Unlimited plans as low as $18/month

As Low As $18/Month

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We offer budget-friendly prepaid and no-contract phone plans for activating your compatible smart phone, tablet or computer.
We will check your existing device eligibility, then offer the best plan based on your need for data as most plans come with unlimited talk and text.
A one time activation fee of $25 covering processing and sim card required to complete the activation applies to select plans lower than $50/month on top of the selected plan.

With our activation services, you are guaranteed the best deal based on your coverage area and the quality of the available networks.
Best of all, enjoy Freedom with reliable no-contract plans and no credit check.

Our growing list of economical and reliable prepaid plans include:

  • Tracfone (compatible with Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, US Cellular, Unlocked & Sim-Free)
  • AT&T Prepaid (compatible with AT&T, Older Verizon, Unlocked & Sim-Free devices)
  • H20 (compatible with AT&T, Unlocked & Sim-Free devices)
  • Simple Mobile (compatible with T-Mobile, Unlocked & Sim-Free devices)
  • Lyca Mobile (compatible with T-Mobile)
  • Page Plus
  • Net 10
  • Ultra Mobile
  • Boss Revolution Mobile

  • Yes, every phone plan activation comes with a free sim card.eSIM activations for compatible newer devices do not require a sim card and can be remotely completed with your device's IMEI number without a visit to the store.
    For select plans starting at $50/month or higher, all activations fees are waived.