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A Few Tips To Fix Your Broken Phone for Less

Little do we realize, we have come to depend on our smart devices to the point of no return.

Not only do we now rely on our smart phones to stay connected with friends and family, but we also rely on them for work to a point we can barely disconnect. 

With the upcoming of 5G and the development of Artificial Intelligence (A.I), it’s fair to assume that we will be in trouble until we find a balance.

On one hand, smart devices appear to make Life more convenient and on the other, they are “zombietizing us.”Anyway, that’s another topic we will explore  on the next SmartLife blog release.

Here are a few tips we put together to help you save money on your next repair

Whether you are buying Apple or Samsung or another brand, we always recommend spending the extra money from the start to buy the right accessories and prevent costly repairs.

 We also believe in making economical choices by finding the right protective cases and screen protectors at affordable prices unless you are ready to invest more in brand names that offer certain warranties should anything go wrong. 

Check out our selection of brand name  Accessories at discounted prices.

Truly, we cannot emphasize enough on making the right purchase from the start including Insurance or extended warranty.

Since we are very dependent on our smart phones and devices to function efficiently, we should rather think of them as investments rather than toys and treat them with utmost care.

Having been in the cellphone and computer sales and services industry for the past few years, we have come to witness the many unhappy faces when the repair cost is as much as buying a new device.

When the time comes for you to fix your smart phone, tablet, smart watch or computer, panicking is not necessary when you know the necessary tips.

So let the following tips below sink in as they may come in handy some day:

  • Check your device Warranty
  • Check for Service Providers
  • Do It Yourself
  • Hire a Pro

1- Check Your Device Repair Care & Warranty

Never attempt to have your device fixed without checking your device warranty. 

Did you know that just like cars, there are warranty repairs for things that the manufacturer may have too many complaints about? On that note, remember Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall once the batteries proved to be unreliable.

So when your device is relatively new and you experience functionality issues without any accidental fault of yours, first contact your manufacturer or the store where you purchased the device.

Remember there are existing consumer laws to protect you should things not go as planned with the manufacturer’s claims.

Contacting the device manufacturer by email is always a good starting point, but in some cases, you need to get their customer number or take a trip to their nearest contact point for faster resolution.

Be aware that  deductibles can be high as getting it fixed by a professional repair shop even if you have insurance. 

2- Check For Service Providers

A little research goes a long way in saving time, energy and most likely a few dollars.

As time changes and the right technologies become available to small businesses including mobile repair shops, local shops, and franchise stores you the consumer can benefit by using the competition and your spending power. Check out existing marketplaces to secure the best deals.

Keep in mind that every shop will have their pros and cons so checking out their reviews will be of great help to making the right call.

Furthermore, slightly negotiate the price without expecting much discount as there will be no such room due to slim profit margins. Most stores may be able to offer you a 5% discount if you ask nicely.

Another thing to watch for is the quality of the parts, but like we described in our ScreenFix Tech page, either Aftermarket screens or Originals can be used to satisfy a repair especially when the main goal is to save money.

Because a repair device can show other symptoms later, always select to have a professional shop with an extended repair warranty. 

3- Do It Yourself

Unlike the myth, it may not take much to fix your broken device.

From our perspective, taking time out to do some research and finding ways to fix your own device can be financially advantageous if you feel confident enough..

Although finding the right trusted parts can be a challenge, it is rather worth trying yourself. Off course, doing so may void any existing warranties.

With some luck and a little patience, you may find the right guide and tools to help you fix your own device without incurring the labor cost associated with using a repair shop.

Always keep in mind that any attempt to fix your own device will void your warranty if any.

So be extra thorough and have a good idea of what is involved before taking that step.

Do it yourself at your own expense. Take it slow and stay organized along the way.

4- Hire a Pro

There are many pros available in shops and mobile repair techs on the rise.

Hiring the right pros should not be difficult, but only a few will go the extra mile to help you stay connected. The right pros will offer quality service as well as warranties should anything go wrong. 

If you want to enjoy peace of mind knowing that your repair is being taken care of, please use our repair services.

You are always welcome to Book Your Mail-In Repair for a fast return shipping as most repairs are completed within 2 days of us receiving the package and subject to parts availability.

That’s all there is for now. Now that you have an inside scope of how to fix your broken device, we hope you remember that the best remedy is prevention rather than cure.

Should you have any useful tips to add to our blog, please comment below and if very useful, we will share it as an update.