Understanding our activation process

We offer budget-friendly prepaid and no-contract plans for activating your new smart phone.

Whether your eligible smart device is CDMA, GSM or uses the latest 4G LTE technology, we have got you covered from the initial set-up to a more advanced activation process.

With our activation services, you are guaranteed the best deal based on your coverage area and the quality of the available networks.

Prepaid Plans that work

Our growing list of prepaid plans include:

  • Ultra Mobile (T-Mobile Network)
  • Lyca Mobile (T-Mobile Network)
  • Simple Mobile (T-Mobile Network)
  • Net10 (AT&T Network)
  • H2O (AT&T Network)
  • Boss Revolution Mobile (Sprint Network)

Ready to Activate A New Pre-Paid Plan With Us? 

All new activation are done in-house and are currently limited to our office/shop in Reston, Virginia.

*Visit us today or stay tuned as we expand to cover more areas.