Covid-19 Updates

Covid-19 Updates

COVID-19 UPDATES (03/15/2020)

Stay in-the-know about how we adapt to better serve you with our newly created COVID-19 updates page.

Access useful resources and official alerts on the Center for Disease Control official website here  

As the world is troubled over the pandemic with governments and businesses closing their doors and many people asked to stay at home, we remain open as an essential business to help you stay connected with phone, tablet and computer sales and repair needs.

In order to follow the right protocol in place for social distancing, booking your appointment is necessary as we have made recent changes due to the coronavirus (Covid-19). 

That’s why we continue to monitor the overall climate while developing the best strategies to better assist our customers while remaining healthy.

We are also updating our website and affiliate marketplaces to reflect the current pandemic.

Call or text for immediate assistance.

Mail-in orders are welcome.

“Be Well & Stay Connected”

1st Covid-19 Update (03/17/20)

Our new office Hours are now Monday -Saturday from 11am-6pm and all office doors will be closed during that time to only allow customers who make a prior appointment before coming.

As we continue to monitor the overall climate while developing the best strategies to help us serve as many people as possible and remain healthy, our office space will be undergoing daily sanitization for our reception and all employees will be required to wear masks and use disinfecting products as responsibly as possible.

Wearing personal protective equipment such as masks, gloves as well as providing curbside drop offs and pick-ups

We are also updating our website and affiliated marketplaces as we learn more about the current pandemic to facilitate online order..

Call or text +15714855000 for immediate assistance during business hours. Please keep in mind that we are also working with limited human resources and shipping delays.

“Be Well & Stay Connected”

2nd Covid-19 Update (04/01/2020)

Good News! We are now offering:  

  • Sanitized pick ups and drop offs for our customers in the areas of Reston, Herndon, Vienna, Great Falls, Chantilly and Sterling. All zip codes and pick up schedule will be added in the coming weeks as this is experimental.
  • As for now, we have added a Pick Up option during your repair booking appointment. Simply click on the book my repair on the menu or Here
  • More than ever, we are encouraging mail-in repairs. Simply wipe and disinfect your smart phone, tablet, computer and ship it to us at located at Door 3, 11250 Roger Bacon Dr, Reston VA 20190. 

“Be Well & Stay Connected”

3rd Covid-19 Update (4/15/2020)

We hope you have been well. Although things may look scary, the latest stats show that many of the zIp codes in our area have not been affected. 
That’s not only great news, but also something we are very grateful for.
This week, some of our suppliers stocked up on KN95 masks, disposable surgical masks and disposable gloves and we got on it to secure a good amount for ourselves, our families and our customers.

Our mission is to make it easy to order your personal protective equipment at reasonable cost. 


“Be Well & Stay Connected”

4th COVID-19 UPDATE (09/15/2020)

It has been a while. Already a few months since our last update.

As we head towards the Holidays shopping  season and due to Covid-19 still ramping, our team is reorganizing to meet the new challenges with more spare parts  in stock for repairing your iPhone, Samsung, Google and LG devices, more PPE items and more sanitizing.

We have also stocked up on pre-owned and overstock devices ranging from iPhone 8 to iPhone XS Max, Samsung Galaxy S7 to Samsung Note 20+ 5G to facilitate online and local shopping.

We also wanted to remind everyone that Fixing can be a good way to give back to  loved one.

In our effort to further assist our elderly neighbors and fellow businesses stay connected, we are now offering remote support and free diagnostics in addition to our 5-miles Radius free Repair pick up and drop off in Reston, Herndon, Vienna, Great Falls, Chantilly.

“Be Well & Stay Connected”

5th COVID-19 UPDATE (12/15/2020)

Now that the Holidays are around the corner, we want our customers to know that we are ready to serve them in the most sanitized way while social distancing.

We know this year is very different and anticipate a crazy amount of shipping with lost and delayed packages for shipping so most items in the cellphone category will only be sold locally.


Buy online, Pick up in store if near Reston, Fairfax Virginia, or Call to order.


We need 2-24 hours to get the item out of our storage and get it to our office for pick-up.


“Be Well & Stay Connected